Willa Jean


Dear Willa Jean,

Thank you for crafting beautiful, colorful food that not only pleases the eyes but also the taste buds!

Willa Jean 1


And with that said, let me share my experience at Willa Jean.

If you’re visiting NOLA I suggest you mark this as one of your foodie destinations. Located in the Warehouse District, Willa Jean is the perfect blend of elevated southern cooking and an upscale café vibe. I highly suggest you make reservations, because it can get busy.

My intent was to have breakfast but they stop serving at 10:30 and of course I showed up at 10:45 (bummer, but also keep that mind). Nonetheless, they had a lunch menu that carried over some breakfast options.

Our waitress came over to take our order, and yes the hype about the service is TRUE! Coming from Florida, this is a rarity. Southern charm is not a myth, our waitress was sweet, attentive and suggested her favorite items! She also made some magic happen and scored us biscuits (they stop selling them after breakfast).

willa jean 4

I would say this biscuit is a solid 4/5. It was airy and fluffy inside but crunchy on the outside. I enjoy different textures in my foods so this was spot on for me.

Another highly suggested item is the “Mimosas for the table”. With two of my girls with me, for $45 we decided this was the was the way to go. A bottle of champagne, 3 different assortments of juice (grapefruit, oj, and cranberry), and a vibrant array of fruit are all included. Side note: I took the liberty of pimping out our mimosas with the fruit, they did not come like this.


Being that I was in a breakfast mood, I ordered the Croque madame. Which is toasted white bread with ham, gruyere, and a sunny side up egg. MMM 🙂 Oh, and the menu doesn’t mention this but there is also edible flowers sprinkled on top! My friends ordered the avacado toast, and the pimento cheese sandwich, and safe to safe we all throughly enjoyed our food.


On your next visit to this beautiful city, stop by Willa Jean and I promise, you won’t regret your decision! Oh! And don’t forget in NOLA you get to go drinks, woo! I suggest the the blended mint julip 😉 Cheers!


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